Far Hills Group, LLC, is a financial services firm that specializes in the placement of alternative investment offerings to institutional investors. The firm is a registered broker dealer and operates out of its New York City office located at 747 Third Avenue. Since the firm's founding in 1990, we have placed in excess of $24 billion in more than 50 different investment vehicles. The firm has 13 employees divided among sales, research, operational, and compliance professionals. The average tenure amongst the firm's partners is 15 years. The firm is a success-based, results-oriented organization whose revenues are based solely on assets raised and not on retainers of any kind.

The mission of Far Hills Group is to build long-term relationships between institutional clients and a select group of investment managers in an efficient and highly professional manner. We provide a fully outsourced sales and marketing capability with the necessary resources to raise assets in today’s institutional marketplace. Our approach is to develop a highly collaborative relationship with our investment managers as their exclusive institutional distribution source.

The strength of the firm resides in the experience of the firm’s partners and their longstanding relationships in the institutional investment community. The seasoned team has been together for over 15 years and has experience raising capital across the spectrum of strategies and throughout different market environments. The team specializes in differentiating and positioning the strengths of our manager-client strategies within the highly competitive marketplace. Every assignment receives the full resources of the Far Hills team with each sales professional assuming responsibility for generating sales. Our practice is exclusively focused on raising assets from the institutional investment community. Investors include endowments, foundations, banks, insurance companies, corporate pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and their consultants. The firm has a global footprint and raises significant capital from overseas. Its international coverage is geographically diverse and includes investors from Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

"One of the best known US marketing outfits, Far Hills also has a size to match its institutional target market. It is international in scope, segmenting its placement teams geographically in the US, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. The company has something of the air of a schoolmaster about it, focusing, as it does, on the high end of institutional money raising. It requires exclusive distribution rights of its individual managers, since, it reasons, institutions do not want to be bothered by having lots of contacts, and it has strict demands in terms of transparency, risk management and client communications."

— Risk Reward

Far Hills Group, LLC, was founded in 1990 to address the growing need of alternative investment managers to attract and procure institutional investors. Far Hills Group’s initial funding activities were focused in the major endowment and foundation arenas. Efforts in the US were expanded to include pension plans, banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and family offices.

By 1993, Far Hills Group had developed an international practice with clientele in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The firm grew in the 90s by adding key individuals to cover the growing overseas opportunities.

In 2003, the firm expanded its scope of operations to include investment research and a formal manager acquisition process by forming a separate research unit. In 2012, the firm continued to invest in its international presence by expanding its territorial coverage to include Australia. Today, the firm provides a fully staffed sales and marketing capability to its manager-clients that addresses all aspects essential to the global marketing of hedge fund investment vehicles.

Far Hills Group, LLC, believes that significant value can be added in the fund placement and client acquisition processes. Our efforts are focused on streamlining the sales process by identifying highly qualified prospective investors and advancing the process after the initial meeting, which in many situations ceases after the prospect requests to be added to the manager’s communication distribution. By keeping a sharp focus on the shifting demands of our institutional clientele, we strategically assist in developing relationships between the investment managers and the institutional marketplace. These relationships take hold as we work with our managers to fully craft an institutional product offering. Insightful investor communications, risk management transparency, and operational integrity are essential in today’s institutional marketplace and frame our interactions with both managers and potential investors. The firm's capabilities not only include the analytical, presentation, and quantitative abilities necessary to differentiate manager skill sets, but also address the patchwork of global regulatory regimes that complicate fund placement.

Global Messaging

The importance of unified and consistent global messaging is at the core of the firm’s sales strategy. As a result, the firm’s manager-clients work with Far Hills Group on a global, exclusive basis to address their institutional marketing needs. Far Hills Group participates in every prospect meeting to facilitate proper follow-up, advancement of the sale process, and to provide the manager with critical feedback regarding meeting dynamics. We interact with our manager-clients in a strategic manner always considering sales optics with a view toward their entire business organization.


Far Hills Group provides a hands-on approach tailored to each manager and strategy that seeks to effectively differentiate and position the fund while efficiently leveraging the manager’s marketing commitment.


We receive compensation by the fund’s investment manager on a "hard dollar" basis and no additional fees are borne by the investors for our participation in the placement process.




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